Sliding window Door roller Systems

TIME | 20 May 2022

With the continuous development of society, people are looking for a more convenient way of life. Now, the roller wheel system greatly improves people's quality of life. 

The continuous upgrade of the pulley system has added many types, such as door and window roller, bathroom roller, wardrobe roller , etc. Next, we will introduce you according to the usage.

This is a very, very classic wardrobe wheel. Best-selling in various countries, with the popularity of sliding wardrobes, more and more people begin to use them. Although our wheels are simple basic parts, they are also the most important accessories. Our frequent use in life will inevitably cause aging or damage. According to statistics, the lifespan of our highest quality wardrobe wheels can be used about 15,000 times. After that, we need to replace the aging parts. 

We have more than 20 years of experience in making bearings and roller wheel. 

One-stop purchase of bearings, rollers, locks and other hardware products. Conventional products are in stock.

OEM offered for all kinds of injection roller & bearing.

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